Dr. Brian Davison

The Vanishing Vein

Bleeding from Legs

Although often considered cosmetic, varicose veins can often lead to more significant medical issues if left untreated. Bleeding is one of these issues. This can be made worse by blood thinners. As the pressure in the veins increase, the skin over them can thin. Bumping or scratching a varicose vein may cause a jet like bleeding usually from the ankle area. Usually, the bleeding arises from a dark or purple spot. Often it is noted while getting into the shower. The stream is so long and forceful some have mistaken this for arterial bleeding. If you are experiencing bleeding from the legs, you should keep the leg elevated and apply pressure immediately. Dr. Brian Davison and the rest of the team at The Vanishing Vein are proud to provide vein treatments and other cosmetic procedures to patients throughout Framingham, Boston, Newton, Worcester, Cambridge, Lowell and Quincy, MA. We service all of New England.