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Sclerotherapy in Framingham, MA

The Vanishing Vein offers sclerotherapy to patients throughout Framingham, Boston, Newton, Worcester, Cambridge, Lowell and Quincy, MA.

What is Sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy is the process of eliminating telangiectasias, or spider-veins, by injecting a solution (sclerosing agent) into the veins, and thereby dissolving them. Dr. Davison is one of the best sclerotherapy specialists in the Framingham/Boston/Newton area, and he will do everything he can to give you the results you want.

To learn more about sclerotherapy prices or to view some sclerotherapy before and after pictures, please give us a call to schedule your consultation today.

What is a Spider Vein?

A spider vein is a small blood vessel that can appear near the skin’s surface. These may look like short, fine lines, starburst clusters, or a web-like maze. They are typically not palpable (raised), meaning that they cannot be felt by touching. Spider veins are most common in the thighs, below the knee joint, and around the ankle. They may also appear on the face, around the nose, cheeks, and chin. Spider veins measure between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter. The medical term for spider veins is telangiectasias.

How do I know if I Need Sclerotherapy?

If you have noticed the formation of spider veins on your legs, face or elsewhere on the body, you may be a candidate for sclerotherapy. Spider veins are caused by a developmental abnormality. Flow abnormalities within the medium-sized veins of the leg can also lead to their development. Factors that predispose patients to the development of spider veins in the leg include:

  • Age: 18 to 35 years, and peaks between 50 to 60 years
  • Gender: Females are affected approximately 4:1 to males.
  • Pregnancy
  • Lifestyle/occupation: prolonged sitting or standing can cause spider veins

What are Typical Sclerotherapy Results?

Most people who receive sclerotherapy are cleared of their small varicosities, or see a large improvement. Approximately 10 percent of patients have fair to poor results, meaning the veins have not disappeared after six treatments. Very rarely, the veins can become worse after treatment or new veins may develop. We are unable to anticipate how many treatments it will take to resolve your veins since everybody varies. But to give you a better idea of the typical results, please browse through some sclerotherapy before and after pictures.

What Type of Post-Operative Sclerotherapy Care Can I Expect?

Following your sclerotherapy procedure, your doctor will instruct you on specific compression therapy activities. Call if you have any questions. It is also important to walk after your procedure and to avoid long car rides. You are encouraged to walk at least 20 to 30 minutes a day throughout your healing. This will help to establish a good blood flow and circulation.

We ask that you refrain from swimming, heavy lifting, jogging, or any other aerobic activity that could put tension on your abdomen for the instructed period of time, which could be anywhere from two to seven days.

It is also important to cleanse the injection sites regularly after your sclerotherapy treatment. Avoid exposure to sun for at least two weeks to reduce scarring and help further healing. We recommend that you apply topical Arnica twice a day to prevent further bruising and help with the healing process. The recommended Arnica is available in the office or at our online store.

Plan to return to the office for a follow-up appointment as instructed by Dr. Davison. Please keep in mind that it is important to contact our office if you are experiencing any excessive redness, an increase in swelling, fever of 100.8 or higher, or increasing discomfort at the treatment sites.

What are Sclerotherapy Costs?

Sclerotherapy costs will be determined at the time of your consultation. No prices can be quoted before a consultation. A consultation costs $100, but this fee is applied/deducted from your first treatment cost. If you choose, you can have a consultation and your first session of injections the same day. Please let us know if you plan to do this when you are making your appointment.