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Mole Removal

Restore Naturally Beautiful Skin with Mole Removal at the Vanishing Vein in Framingham, MA!

Moles, or small dark lesions on the skin, are a common skin condition among adults but can cause self-consciousness or embarrassment in highly visible areas. At the Vanishing Vein in Framingham, Massachusetts, Dr. Brian Davison offers advanced procedures to completely remove these lesions from the body with fast results and no downtime.

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What Causes Moles?

Both children and adults alike can develop moles anywhere on the body, but these dark lesions can change over time and may require medical attention later on in life. Nearly 3 million adults have their moles diagnosed and treated each year, and while not all of them pose a health risk, many men and women get them removed to improve the aesthetic appearance of their skin.

Moles can develop either from birth or later on in adulthood and primary affect areas that experience the most exposure to the sun, such as the face and arms.

How is Mole Removal Performed?

Prior to your mole removal treatment, Dr. Davison will assess your individual skin condition. While we remove a wide range of moles at the Vanishing Vein, some cases may require further medical attention or alternative procedures to ensure the best health for your skin. For men and women who qualify for treatment, Dr. Davison will use simple removal procedures that completely clear the pigmented tissue from the skin without requiring sutures or downtime.

Our mole removal procedures are quick, easy, require minimal time at our Framingham office, and leave no tell-tale signs that you have had treatment done.

What Results Can I Expect?

When you come to the Vanishing Vein for mole removal, you can expect immediate results and complete skin clearance. Dr. Davison and our medical team are experienced in these procedures and can specifically target moles without removing or damaged surrounding areas of healthy skin. Most patients return to work and normal activities without any side effects or complications.

Although moles will typically not regrow in treated areas, it is possible to develop new moles over time. This procedure can be repeated as necessary until the desired amount of skin clearance has been achieved. Even after moles have been removed, it is still important to monitor the skin for other changes and developments.

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