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Skin Tag Removal

Remove Your Nuisance Skin Tags for Good at the Vanishing Vein in Framingham, MA!

Skin tags are the soft growths or lumps that protrude from the surface and can occur in multiple areas of the body. While these do not typically pose any threat to skin health, many men and women choose to have these growths removed for aesthetic reasons. At the Vanishing Vein in Framingham, Massachusetts, we can completely remove skin tags safely and effectively.

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What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are a common skin condition, with most adults having at least one throughout the course of their lives. These benign growths are caused when the skin experiences an overgrowth of cells and are most commonly found on the:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Groin folds
  • Underneath the breasts

Men and women can experience a few to hundreds of skin tags all over the body, and at the Vanishing Vein, we can remove these nuisance skin growths for good.

How are Skin Tags Removed?

While some skin growths are as small as the head of a pin, others can grow to the size of a marble. They can also vary in color, as some blend in with the skin tone and others are slightly darker. Regardless of the size and color of the skin tags, Dr. Davison can clear them completely. Using simple excision with a surgical tool or other methods depending on your skin condition and preferences, Dr. Davison will carefully remove the growths from the skin without leaving any visible traces behind.

Once skin tags are removed, others will not grow in the exact same place, although more may develop in other areas of the body over time.

What Results Can I Expect?

After skin tag removal at our Framingham office, you can expect immediate results. This quick and simple procedure typically does not require downtime, and healthy skin is left intact to promote fast healing. Most men and women return to normal activities immediately with no downtime. Although follow-up treatment is typically not necessary, this procedure can be repeated for more clearance or to manage future skin tags. Skin tags typically pose no harm to your health, but it is still important to continue monitoring your skin for changes and to have those changes evaluated by our medical team.

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